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It is never the Truth that we should fear it is the other stuff; our challenge is to somehow, objectively filter through all the information and live a life based on the Truth no matter what it is. And the only thing we have to 

fear is fear itself, because it robs you of the ability to live life outside of denial and lies.


Four Corner Ministries {4CM} has the express goal to inform and network you with the wider body of believers. We post articles, which will inform and encourage you. Our Goal is to facilitate links to ministries and resources that will broaden your horizon, expanding your worldview and help you understand the current times we are in from Biblical terms. We encourage interaction, by joining the group you are able to tweet articles to @4cminews, make comments about articles and ask question freely.


(The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, because it robs you of the ability to live life outside of denial and lies.)


The Legacy of War is the People and theirs lives afterwards, the price they pay can never be measure with currency, nor does the cost ever stop. War has been described as a necessity of Evil. However History shows a 

free society has never come without such Wars as there has always been those whom desire to oppress and dominate Man. So we say Veterans are the champions of a Noble cause. “Freedom”. We thanks our Veterans for the Freedoms we have this very day.

4cm’s Biblical Charge
. Matthew 28:19
. Ephesians 4:12
. Luke 4:18

. Preach
. Proclaim
. Release
. Go


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